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Former Yahoo Exec Talks Mobile Marketing Strategies

Posted by drewdahms on July 31, 2009

Here’s the straight talk from Chief Revenue Officer at Crisp Wireless and former member of Yahoo Search’s Strategic Alliances team, Tom Foran.

It’s too bad they didn’t interview Mr. Foran before he joined Crisp. His comments and insights could be viewed as biased and self promotional. Still good info if you take that into account.  Read the full article by Chris Crum at WebProNews


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Teens obsession w/mobile. What are they buying?

Posted by drewdahms on July 31, 2009

Teenagers are obsessed with their mobile phones and this opens the door of opportunity for marketers.

Wirefly claims the most popular phones for the teen demographic are those that are text-friendly. Touch screens and QWERTY key pads are at the top of the list when it comes to teen favorites because of the functionalities these types of phones offer. Read the full article by Giselle Tsirulnik at Mobile Marketer. 4715

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SMS campaigns: keep them simple at the start!

Posted by drewdahms on July 17, 2009

Here are a few tips from ITWeb, South Africa, that will ensure that you don’t disappoint your target customers if and when they decide to engage your brand with SMS interaction. The basics stated here are equally relevant to US mobile campaigns.

“Advertisers are starting to realize that mobile marketing produces a high-volume hit rate, impressive uptake and a steep increase in brand impressions and sales. As a result, more and more advertisers are beginning to test the waters with SMS marketing campaigns and getting some great results.

“However, as mobile marketing is still in its early stages, customers may still be hesitant to try that short code you are showing them; users may also be slow to adopt these offers due to barriers such as perception of SMS cost, fear of getting spammed, unclear on the value of the incentive, perceived complexity of interacting with the SMS they get back and uncertainty about their phone’s ability to support the incentive being offered.

“Therefore, if and when a user does try an SMS campaign for the first time, he needs to have a smooth and successful experience or he is likely to lose his patience and never try again. And needless to say, the SMS campaign needs to actually work. It still happens, far too often, that they don’t, even those of major brands. Read the full article.

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Adding the mobile component to your marketing strategies

Posted by drewdahms on July 11, 2009

The simple addition of a common short code and keyword can transform a campaign, call-to-action, store front or loyalty program. Add to that a mobile friendly site and applications for devices such as the iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Android, the Palm Pre and others. With this combination, retailers and marketers can breathe new life into their customer acquisition and retention efforts.

The mobile space is bucking the negative trends of the recession for the most part, and a rising tide lifts all ships. “Mobile is going to continue to grow—we all know that the tide is rising in this space,” said Eric Holmen, president of SmartReply. “When mobile reaches critical scale, it’s not just a line item, not just to drive traffic but to drive revenue.

“Brands should ask consumers to text a keyword to a short code in a combination of all of their media—radio, television, online, in-store, etc.,” he said. “Opt-in rates are still too low for what they need for their business to move the needle, and it’s not just about integrating with traditional media.

Read the  full article by Dan Butcher at Mobile Marketer.

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The Power of Tri-Messaging

Posted by drewdahms on June 26, 2009

I recently submitted a new posting for the MN AMA blog. It talks about leveraging the power of web, email and mobile technologies for marketing and communications with your audience or customer base. Read the full posting at  I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and experiences on this topic.

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Brands investing in mobile more than ever

Posted by drewdahms on June 6, 2009

This year brands are on pace to spend more than they ever have on mobile marketing campaigns, according to the Mobile Marketing Association’s president/CEO.That was a key message from Mike Wehrs’ welcome address at the MMA’s Mobile Marketing Forum at the Grand Hyatt in New York yesterday and a one-on-one interview with Mobile Marketer, where he discussed the mobile marketing and advertising landscape.

“2009 is not the year of experimentation any more—brands are launching full mobile campaigns,” Mr. Wehrs said. “Mobile has become an essential element of the marketing mix.”

“Mobile marketing has seen exceptional global growth, and highly effective mobile strategies have caused changes to marketing that have never been available before,” Mr. Wehrs said. “The penetration of mobile advertising reached 30 percent in the second quarter of last year, according to Nielsen, and it has continued to grow since then.  Read the full article by Dan Butcher at Mobile Marketer.

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MN AMA blog posting

Posted by drewdahms on May 13, 2009

My thanks to Minnesota Chapter of the American Marketing Association (MNAMA) for allowing me to submit an article on their new blog. They are a great group of professionals and I feel fortunate to be included. Here’s the full article.

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Integrating mobile into traditional media is essential

Posted by drewdahms on May 3, 2009

Integrating mobile into traditional media campaigns is essential for marketers, whether they use banner ads, mobile Web sites, SMS, search, applications or coupons.

Such was the consensus of a panel at the Direct Marketing Association’s Mobile Marketing for Agencies and Media Buyers event. Panelists discussed what they deemed to be the essentials of mobile marketing strategy.

“You don’t need to be a Fortune 500 company to do this, it’s such an approachable channel, so don’t have to be frightened,”

Common short codes work across all carriers, and SMS has the highest adoption rate and reach of any mobile channel. “There are many forms of media available on mobile device, and one of the most ubiquitous is via SMS,” said Matthew Valleskey, marketing communications of mobile services for Neustar. “Almost every device comes enabled with SMS capabilities, and even feature phones that don’t have data plan or access to Internet can use SMS.”

Short codes can be used in text-to-win or voting/polling initiatives. Mobile calls-to-action can be issued via outdoor advertising, TV, radio, print, direct mail pieces and even in some cases email marketing to make those traditional channels more interactive. Using different SMS keywords in different calls-to-action can help advertisers target consumers’ location and figure out which types of traditional advertising are most effective.

Read the full article by Dan Butcher in Mobile

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What can mobile do for your brand?

Posted by drewdahms on April 27, 2009

Although mobile is widely adopted at about 90 percent penetration in the United States, this does not mean that every mobile user is a prime advertising target. Only 25 percent of U.S. subscribers use SMS, 18 percent use the mobile Web, and approximately 8 percent are on social networking sites and regularly watch mobile video.

Although the potential for mass marketing reach sounds relatively limited, it is important to remember that mobile is the most engaging, personal and interactive media device. You won’t reach every customer, but you will have the opportunity to create an compelling experience for specific target customers.

SMS has gone mainstream with 1 trillion messages sent in the U.S. in 2008. And MMS has finally seen significant growth due to better bundled data plans with 15 billion MMS sent in 2008, up from 6 billion in 2007, according to the CTIA: The Wireless Association.

A well-designed SMS or MMS direct marketing campaign could potentially be an elegant fit for your brand.

Read the full article from Mobile Marketer, by Dave Sloan of Avot Media.

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Bluetooth used successfully in mobile marketing campaigns

Posted by drewdahms on April 20, 2009

Most mobiles come with Bluetooth as standard but there is still some confusion over how it can be used for marketing – so the DMA Mobile Marketing Council’s Mark Brill explains how to implement innovative proximity campaigns, without falling foul of the law.

The key to a successful Bluetooth proximity marketing campaign is to provide a clear incentive or offer, explain why you are communicating and gain the trust of the user. Approximately 30% of people have their Bluetooth turned on all of the time, and most only do so because they are using a hands-free headset. Therefore, without displays clearly announcing a call to action, the average mobile user will either fail to turn on their Bluetooth or simply reject the content when an unrecognised request appears on their phone.

Mobile phones are devices that the majority of people carry with them most of the time. As such, it is a highly personal and even private medium. Marketing to mobiles needs to be done with care and consideration to the user. While well-run campaigns can offer excellent response rates, poorly run campaigns can seriously damage a brand and the credibility of mobile as a marketing medium.

Read this great article by Mark Brill, of the Direct Marketing Association Mobile Council.

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