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Why Mobile?

Your current customers are the most important ones, so hang onto them!  Mobile text marketing leverages your advertising, coupon/promotions, direct mail and email efforts to build up a successful mobile loyalty/rewards program that keeps you connected to your core customer.

According to ABI Research, SMS accounts for 83% of all mobile messaging revenues until 2013. While some believe SMS is the only messaging format that all handsets can accept, therefore making it an unrivalled way to reach consumers, adding value at a low-cost.

For marketers, no other channel (radio, TV, print, internet) can compete with the cost-effectiveness of text message (SMS) marketing.  Customer loyalty and rewards initiatives can be planned and launched in minutes. Campaigns can send text messages that contain basic product announcements and mobile coupons, or can engage audiences with interactive voting polls, contests, and links to mobile web sites.

Marketers, business owners and organizational leaders are realizing now is the time to start building a list of people with whom they can communicate by mobile text message.

It’s a great way to stay connected with your audience, build customer loyalty and maximize your traditional advertising channels. If you do it now you will be among the first to do so and will reap the rewards of jumping in early.

Watch this short video to learn more.

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