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SMS campaigns: keep them simple at the start!

Posted by drewdahms on July 17, 2009

Here are a few tips from ITWeb, South Africa, that will ensure that you don’t disappoint your target customers if and when they decide to engage your brand with SMS interaction. The basics stated here are equally relevant to US mobile campaigns.

“Advertisers are starting to realize that mobile marketing produces a high-volume hit rate, impressive uptake and a steep increase in brand impressions and sales. As a result, more and more advertisers are beginning to test the waters with SMS marketing campaigns and getting some great results.

“However, as mobile marketing is still in its early stages, customers may still be hesitant to try that short code you are showing them; users may also be slow to adopt these offers due to barriers such as perception of SMS cost, fear of getting spammed, unclear on the value of the incentive, perceived complexity of interacting with the SMS they get back and uncertainty about their phone’s ability to support the incentive being offered.

“Therefore, if and when a user does try an SMS campaign for the first time, he needs to have a smooth and successful experience or he is likely to lose his patience and never try again. And needless to say, the SMS campaign needs to actually work. It still happens, far too often, that they don’t, even those of major brands. Read the full article.


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