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Retailers benefit from going mobile

Posted by drewdahms on April 15, 2009

Traditional mass media is increasingly becoming a hard-sell for retailers because of the lack of measurability against their bottom line.

While advertising is still built on one of its founders, John Wanamaker, and his often quoted truth, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I do not know which half,” the advertising industry never had the luxury of the measurability which is now being offered by mobile technology.

However, most retailers have responded differently to mobile because of its measurability. The most important thing about the mobile channel is that people are linked back to an identifying mark – their mobile phone number.
While retailers have often looked to build a personal relationship with their clients by communicating first by direct mail and then by email. Neither of these channels have had the power that the mobile channel has when it comes to reach and response from consumers.  Read the full article here from Mobile Marketing Association.


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