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Top Cities for Text Messaging

Posted by drewdahms on March 3, 2009

Youth and cultural diversity are two demographic commonalities among these so-called texters, according to Scarborough Research. These consumers are 49 percent more likely than all cellular subscribers to be ages 18-24, 14 percent more likely to be Hispanic, and 24 percent more likely to be African-American. Scarborough points to these similarities as likely reasons why El Paso, Salt Lake City, Dallas and Memphis are the top text messaging markets. El Paso and Dallas both have Hispanic compositions that are well above average. Further, Salt Lake City and El Paso are top markets for 18-24 year old adults, and Memphis is a leading city for African-Americans.

In addition to being young and diverse, Texters are among the country’s highest spenders on cellular services. On average, they spend $87 on their monthly cellular bill. By contrast, all cellular subscribers spend an average of $75 monthly. They are 46 percent more likely than all cellular subscribers to typically spend $150 or more on cellular service monthly. Texters are 12 percent more likely to plan to switch services. They utilize a wide variety of phone features – such as picture messaging, streaming video and email – at a rate higher than that of the average cell user.

Here are the top 20 cities for text messaging and the % of mobile subscribers in each market who use texting.

El Paso, TX                                     57
Salt Lake City, UT                              55
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX                           55
Memphis, TN                                     55
Cincinnati, OH                                  54
Washington, D.C.                                54
Chattanooga, TN                                 53
Atlanta, GA                                     53
Oklahoma City, OK                               52
Las Vegas, NV                                   52
Colorado Springs/Pueblo, CO                     52
Los Angeles, CA                                 51
Chicago, IL                                     51
Sacramento/Stockton/Modesto, CA                 51
Richmond/Petersburg, VA                         51
Kansas City, MO                                 51
Phoenix, AZ                                     50
San Diego, CA                                   50
Houston, TX                                     50
Philadelphia, PA                                50

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